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Ajay's Ford V8 Parts & Man Cave Accessories

New Zealand Rodder Magazine - Issue Number 185

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The cover feature is Neil and Rhonda McNickle’s ’59 Continental MKIV that’s bigger than a big thing with ‘big’ written on it, and greener that a cartoon monster. Which is why they named it ‘Lincolnstein’. It’s dropped, scalloped, shaved and tweaked, and it’s uber cool.

Greg Haliday’s ’32 Ford roadster is a lot more subtle. An old hot rod, Greg imported it then had Rocket Speed Equipment get it legal and carry out a few period perfect modifications. Then he got all carried away and stuck an almost new S.C.o.T blower on the flathead. It’s time-warp material.

Bert van Wijk’s traditional ’33 Ford Victoria and Brian Ward’s Model A Coupe round out the new builds. Ricky Martin’s ’52 Chev Deluxe Two Door Sedan isn’t a new build, but it hasn’t yet been seen finished. It’s the black chopped custom built by Paul ‘Wingnut’ Manders, that Ricky’s had fully detailed, and treated to a high-end upholstery job. There are images from the NZ Rodder Gassers Wars, the 30th Trillo Metals Muscle Car Madness, and Classic Cover Primer Nationals. And if that’s not enough, we bring you a bit of hot rodding history, and some American mild customs. Printed on high quality paper with a heavy gloss laminated cover.